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Slander Defined

Slander Defined

Slander is a legal term that is used to describe the use of language for the purpose of harming the reputation of a person. This can take the form of introducing false statement or comments and represent them as truth.
Furthermore, slander is not only limited to verbal or written communication, but can also be done through body language or gestures. Slander may also include the use of private information or facts which are publicly disclosed without proper authority or permission. Even such information is proven to be correct and not false, it may fall within the realm of slander.
Slander is under the realm of tort or civil law, which allows for legal action to be levied against a person that is accused or suspected of slander. However, in order to be successful in proving slander in the court of law, there are certain aspects or facts that must be established. Because slander is often in the form of verbal communication, the plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant had in fact said the statement and that there are others that can attest to that statement.
Furthermore, in order for slander to be proven, the plaintiff must be clearly identified in such a verbal statement, and that the statement itself was made with the intention to harm or defame the plaintiff. Slander cases awarded to the plaintiff will usually incur both general damages and special damages. General damages are awarded for overall purposes, though special damages are for any particular economic loss that may have been experienced as a result of the harmful statements.



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